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  • Chaplain’s Corner

    7 January 2015
    The Rev. Art Turnbull, Branch 15 Chaplain

    Another new year stretches out before us as the days slowly become brighter, omens of better things yet to come.

    I often reflect at this time of year on our human nature and existence. I do so in terms of our material body, our thinking mind, our emotive emotions, and our mysterious spirit. Whenever one of these four components (body, mind, emotions, and spirit) is out of sorts, so the other components are affected in a negative way. Keeping the whole in reasonable balance and good shape requires some attention. If I do not exercise, my body becomes lazy, but so does my mind. If I do not engage in meaningful discussion, I become an emotional bore. If I do not look after my spiritual welfare, I can also be left with a physical incapacity that I cannot overcome. When I was growing up, elders used to spout off, “Do everything in moderation.” That saying still applies to me today. Perhaps it applies to all of us.
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