Chaplain’s Corner

1 February 2015
The Rev. Art Turnbull, Branch 15 Chaplain

In January a few of us from Branch 15, Connie Smith, Peter Slade and myself, attended the presentations on the contribution of the Indian Army in World War One. It was a privilege to learn about this contribution by the Indian Forces. The talks were given at the Sikh Museum and at the University of Fraser Valley Indo Canadian Studies Centre in January. We learned about the sacrifices made by our brothers in arms who were part of the British Empire just like we Canadians were at that time. How that war contributed to the making of our respective nations is history worth knowing about. For those of you who missed the talks there is an opportunity to still learn about this story. A standing display, well done and researched, is open to the public at the Indo-Canadian Studies Centre at UFV. This is located off Mackenzie Road, at the second entrance to the campus with paid parking available on site. The display is on until the 8th March. Well worth a half hour of your time, and it is free.

I try to practice what I preach. I preach a lot about planning for your funeral. Over the years I have encouraged people to make arrangements and plans for the time when they die. Up and dying without leaving loved ones and friends some guidelines, is pretty poor manners. By leaving some thoughts about what should be done, what you might like to have happen, makes a real benefit for your family when the inevitable time comes. Some of you say that you just want no funeral, no fuss and bother, “just throw my ashes under the rose bush”, is really blocking your family from a proper way to celebrate your life and care for their own grief. There are plenty of sources for estate planning and instructions for time of death in easily filled out booklet forms. These can be obtained from bank, life insurance agencies, funeral home, and veteran resource locations. The trick is to get down some notes and let someone know where the notes are, doing that now because later is too late.

So, practising what I preach, both my wife, Gordi, and I have filled out estate panning booklets with notes for time of death arrangements. We also have wills and related documents.

Most recently we have purchased a double plot at the Hazelwood Cemetery, City of Abbotsford, in the Legion Veterans’ section. This is fairly economical, easily arranged with very polite staff at City Hall. Look into this by going online to City of Abbotsford website, Parks and Recreation, Cemeteries. You can also telephone 604-859-3134 to ask for information, costs, and the how to do answers.

Well it is February, so Happy Valentine’s Day! Best wishes to all and God Bless.

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