Chaplain’s Corner

1 March 2015
The Rev. Art Turnbull, Branch 15 Chaplain

We have been blessed with such a mild winter in our region. Warm weather and lots of sunny days. Winter has not impacted upon our daily life. We are even sounding a bit smug in messages we send to friends back east. Yet we must remember that we do not control the weather nor do we live here as a given right. Tomorrow may be our turn.

Responsibility is a big word. We are all responsible to help shape how we live in this world. There are duties and sometimes privileges that go with the taking care of our patch. This nation Canada is not something that just happens, something to take for granted. Who we are as a people depends on each of us taking our role seriously; that is being responsible.

Responsibility applies to our Legion life and work. We are responsible for our Branch. We are part of a larger entity in the British Columbia/Yukon Command. Together we are all part of the Dominion Command, Royal Canadian Legion, fulfilling the mission and service for the citizens we serve.

The latest messages from BC/Yukon Command should make all of us proud to be a part of this big organization and comradeship. The good news tells us that membership has turned around and is growing. The good news tells us that our area is leading in innovative services to veterans through the charity, our charity of Legion Foundation. Collectively we are doing what we cannot do alone. And veterans, young and old, their families and their communities are benefiting from these good works.

As your Padre, I am asking you to take a moment to thank your Creator for the fortunate good that you share in, then join hands with one another and go forward responsibly. Do not leave it for tomorrow.

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