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  • Chaplain’s Corner

    1 April 2015
    The Rev. Art Turnbull, Branch 15 Chaplain

    April is that month that is put to music.  “April showers” come our way bringing flowers in May.  The tune is one of those that stick in the mind.  It can be hummed anytime.  The words can be sung along in the morning shower.

    April showers in World War One brought the devastation of war in Europe to a greater depth.  The rallying of the troops for the Empire in 1914 led to drenched and stinking reality  in the trenches of warfare.  The 2nd Battle of Ypres in April 1915 found the Canadian soldiers being drenched with chemicals in the gas attacks from the enemy lines.  The promise of “May flowers” was a long time coming.

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