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  • Chaplain’s Corner

    1 October 2015
    The Rev. Art Turnbull, Branch 15 Chaplain

    Summer seems to have rapidly faded into the  fullness of Autumn.  That means my Summer generic column is out of date.  Sometimes I am probably out of date as well, but that is the way of those of us who are now older than our fathers.  Time keeps moving on and each day brings new challenges and joys.

    October is an election month for the citizens of Canada.  It is obvious that the candidates of all stripes are out and about doing the talking and promotion necessary to catch the attention of all Canadians.  Many different interest groups are also making it into our vision as each tells why they should have their special concern placed before all others.  I expect the first weeks of this month will see an increasing amount of verbiage coming our way.

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