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  • Chaplain’s Corner

    1 November 2015
    The Rev. Art Turnbull, Branch 15 Chaplain

    Legion Poppy logoLest we forget!  Words for November and for every month of every year.

    Words  never to forget.

    Seventy years ago the battles of World War Two drew to a halt.  That last year was an agony of human misery.  War was fought, sometimes hand to hand, sometimes with new atomic force, but on a scale as never seen before.  An Allied supreme effort was launched to confine and reduce the German Nazi forces.  The Pacific campaign was closing in on Japan, island by island, jungle by jungle, sometimes hand to hand in desperate fights.

    For the civilians on the fronts of war whether in villages or cities, there was never before seen such massive massacres and sacrifices.  The people of Holland were being starved on purpose.  Only the efforts of British and Canadian air force flights dropping food packages kept that population alive.  Farm land in all of Europe was torn asunder.  The citizens of those nations were being bled to death.  So much had been sacrificed to the war effort that those “at home” were impoverished.  It did not matter whose side you were on.  All were caught in the same net.
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