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  • Cyril Holbrow Awarded Legion of Honour

    Branch 15 member Cyril Holbrow has had a great honour bestowed upon him.   The Government of France had decided to award to allied troops who took part in the D-Day landings in Normandy, France in 1944, their highest national honour, the Legion of Honour.

    Cyril was one such soldier and was presented with this award by Mayor Henry Braun at the City of Abbotsford Council Meeting on February 16 (video is below).

    As well as his military achievements, Cyril is a noted historian for the Community of Clayburn, which, in 1918, had a larger population than the Community of Abbotsford.  Cyril has been involved in several publications concerning the history of Clayburn.

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  • Chaplain’s Corner

    The blood oozed out.  The body was twisted in agony.  The screams and the sounds of horror abounded.

    Then the television ad was over and the news continued.

    I do not know about you folks but I am finding the increased use of violence and mayhem in television and movies to be ever increasing.

    I have seen my share of violence inflicted upon the human body.  I know what a grenade can do to a young man in the prime of his life when he is blown to bits by accident.  I have seen the smoked charred body of a wee boy suffocated by a fire in his home.  I have watched outstanding members of communities slowly die with disease.  There is any number of examples of what the human body must put up with in real time and real life.  I do not need it impacted day by day and hour by hour on television.  What can bother me too often is the sudden ad for a cruel program that is inserted in the midst of a pleasant and acceptable story I am watching.  I find myself cringing at the sight of blood unexpected.

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  • Chaplain’s Corner: Spring Into Spring

    Change is taking place all around.  The crocus are all but croaked, daffodils are early again, and grass will need cutting soon.  One season leads to another.  Winter is, for all reasonable purposes, over for our area of the world.

    Now, those who want to ski or throw snowballs, there is plenty of winter left in other parts of Canada.  For those who think even this mild weather  is too cold, and if you have the loonies to do so, warmer climes beckon to the south.  Yet, change is in the air as the Earth turns in the daily cycle.

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