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  • Fish & Chips – October 6

    Sorry but this has had to be cancelled.  Apologies for the inconvenience.  We resume next month.


    Click POPPY CAMPAIGN reminder from Cathy    The November Calendar of Events can be found by clicking its tab under the Events Column.

  • Branch 15 — 90th Birthday Celebration

    Come to the branch on March 3,  2:00-5:00 pm for a special afternoon celebrating our 90th Anniversary!

    Afterwards, stay for the monthly Fish and Chips Dinner.



    From Cathy St. John, announcements for March:

    March 3rd 2pm – 5pm 90th Birthday Party everyone is welcome

    March 3rd from 5pm – 7pm LA Fish & Chips

    March 5th 1st Paint Class starts at 1pm sign up sheet at the bar $25.00 ($15.00 for kit and $10.00 donation to the branch)

    March 9th – New Membership Initiation 7pm – please come and show your support for our new members

    March 27th – Brock Fahrni Vet’s Visit at 11am please come down and assist the LA with getting the vets on and off the bus and also spend some time visiting with them.

  • September Calendar – General Meeting

    Place your mouse on the “Events” button on the menu bar to get the drop-down menu for the “2017 September Calendar” or open this heading and then click Calendar here  . Then click this to obtain the more detailed Calendar.  Note also the General Meeting has moved to September 23.