Public Relations Officer, Sharon Rathbone has been sending in photos and short reports on happenings about Remembrance Day and of other donations that have occurred:

A.  Cards made by WA Fraser students for Remembrance Day:

“These are only a few of the cards made up by grade six students from WA Fraser Middle School to thank the veterans who sacrificed so much during World War II.  The cards were originally placed on all the tables at the Abbotsford Legion for Remembrance Day. Some veterans took them home while others left theirs for someone else.  The remaining cards are being distributed by Sharon Rathbone, the public relations officer, to our veterans who reside in care homes in Abbotsford.  We owe them a lot for our country, our safety and the lives we live today.”

2018 11 30 Cards from WA Fraser for Remembrance Day


 B.   Donations to Branch by Laurie Roberts (entertainer) and Drew Farrell (Trail Appliances):

“Laurie Roberts is a regular entertainer in the Abbotsford legion and at the end of Remembrance Day Laurie offered to donate $1.00 for every poppy that people would attach to his decorum.  He did the same thing last year and it turns out he makes a pretty good donation to the branch.  It is much appreciated.
Drew Farrell is the manager of the new Trail Appliances in Abbotsford and he donated a food processor for our Classic Rewind in September. The lucky winner was Elfa Deykdah who was extremely happy to be a winner.”  
2018 11 30 LAURIE ROBERTS WITH POPPIES2018 11 30 Trail Appliance DREW FARRELL


C.  Certificate of Appreciation for Ricardo’s Pizza:

“Joel Siemens, a manger at Ricardo;s  Pizza is shown here accepting a Certificate of Appreciation from Sharon Rathbone, the public relations officer at the Abbotsford Legion.  Joel was responsible for sending a dozen large pizzas to the branch one Saturday afternoon while the meat draw was keeping everybody happy.  The pizzas only added to their enjoyment of the day.”
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2018 11 30 Joel Siemens RICARDO'S PIZZA

 D.  Assistance on Remembrance Day:

2018 12 02 ROBERT & KELLY

Robert Rohrer, President of the Abbotsford legion, is standing next to Andrew Savory, a volunteer, who is a member of the Fraser Valley Bandits Basketball team; Andrew came in to donate his assistance on Remembrance Day. He was happy to meet many of the members as well as guests that day. Kelly Watson, the Poppy Chairman at the Abbotsford Legion, is on the right of Andrew . The entire day was time well spent by everyone who attended.

E. Unfamiliar Soldiers:                                  

Sharon reports:   “My mother found many pictures belonging to my Dad and most of them are war buddies.  This picture of two men in uniform is completely unknown to us and we would be interested to find out who they are.  I think it would have been taken in the mid to late 40s.  Can we ask if anyone knows these men?  Who knows, maybe one or two people may show the photo to their family and friends.  Let us know if you have any idea who these men might be.  Thank you.”2018 12 02 UNFAMILIAR SOLDIERS