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  • July Calendar

     ****The July Calendar of Events can be found by clicking its tab under the Events Column.*****

    Good Morning Comrades,

    Key Dates:

    July 1st – Marchers/Flag Carriers needed to march in the parade.  Please meet Rob at 9:30am.  He will have the flags for those who are able to carry.  We are leading the parade so the more who are in attendance the better.

    July 6th Fish & Chips 5pm – come down and enjoy

    July 9th – Brock Fahni Veterans will be at the branch for 11am, please come down and visit with them and assist the Ladies Auxiliary where possible.  They look forward to their visits to our branch.

    July 20th – Steak Night 5 pm – we would love to see you there. 

    Bacon & Egg draw suspended for July & August, Karaoke is still on Wednesdays and Music Bingo is on Thursdays come on down and show your support and enjoy. 

    Cathy St. John, Branch Administrator, Branch 15.

    P.S. Our new tables have arrived and I must say they look absolutely fantastic.  Next project is a coat of paint on the  walls while we wait to see if we get the Horizon Grant or not.

  • June Calendar

    ****The June Calendar of Events can be found by clicking its tab under the Events Column.*****

    Good Afternoon Comrades,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    A couple of quick notes:

    Music Bingo starts Thursday June 7th 2pm – 5pm – come on down a little dab will do ya……get the chance to win a prize.

    For those that are unaware we have a Coffee Club that meets at the branch on Wednesdays at 8am – cost to you is a $1.00.  Come down and enjoy some great conversation and some laughs.

    Please note that the General Meeting has been moved to Sunday the 24th at 2pm.  We will be having a BBQ and President Rob will be hosting Music Bingo…….

    Steak BBQ Friday June 15th staring at 5pm $12.00/person

    Please note the LA will be hosting a Fathers’ Day Feast on Saturday June 16th during the Meatdraw.

    We hope to see you all down there during the month.

    Cathy St. John, Branch Administrator, Abbotsford Branch 15