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  • Come and Celebrate Canada Day

    Please click on the heading and then click the following link for the poster:

    Canada Day.pdf

  • Sharon’s News: Gerry Keryluik Presentation

    At the Art Walk 2019 local artist Gerry Keryluik gave a display of his paintings.  Sharon Rathbone recently made a presentation to Gerry. Please click the heading then click the link to read the story and see some photos.  [Also available under the “News” heading as a drop-down tab].

    Sharon – Gerry Keryluik Presentation.pdf

  • Branch Re-Opens

    Good news, the Branch is reopening. Please click the heading to see the notice.  Also please ignore the notices on the right-hand side concerning upcoming events (Karaoke, Meat Draw, etc.) as these are not scheduled yet.


    Please read notice from Wendy and Daniel:  click on the heading then click on the link at the foot of page.

    2020 03 17 D Bucar to Membership re Branch Closing

  • Sharon’s News Collections

    Please click on the drop down tab under the “News” column on the menu bar.  This is a collection of short reports and photos taken by Sharon at recent branch events. The webmaster apologizes for the delay in presenting these.

  • Stanley Cup Game Pool

    Please click on the drop down tab under the “News” column on the menu bar to see the picture and names of the winners of this event. Submitted by Sharon Rathbone.

  • 2020 March Calendar

    Please use the tab under the “Events” column.  Two versions are given, a  jpeg file and a pdf file.  Clicking on to the jpeg file will make it larger; click the link for the pdf file which will also open.  For an i -Pad :  Click the 2020 March Calendar Heading on this post. THEN click the 2020 February Calendar link at the bottom which is in purple.  This works for desktop computers and cell phones as well as i-Pads. 2020 March Calendar

  • Poppy Appreciation Certificate & Cheque

    Wendy Schmidt, president, Kelly Watson, the first vice president and poppy chairman and Sharon Rathbone, second vice president and public relations officer, visited Raymond James where Cindy Bouri presented a cheque to the Branch for Remembrance Day.  More recently Kelly and Wendy presented Cindy with a Certificate of Appreciation.  Please use the drop down tab under the “Hews” column from the menu bar to see the photos.

    Or for I-Pad users please click the following link to see thephotos:  Poppy Certificate and Cheque

  • Branch 15 Discounts at Local Stores

    Since about 2010, Branch 15 members have been able to obtain discounts at the following local stores:

    Newgen Pharmacare (formerly Peoples Drug Mart),  Abby Locksmith, Mad Butcher, Little Green Apple.

    To obtain more information please use the drop down tab under the “News” column from the Menu Bar.

    Your current Legion Card must be shown.