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Our Canada Day Veterans Cyril Holbrow (Army-WWII, France-Juno Beach and Germany), Andy Anderson (Army-WWII, France and Netherlands), John Molnar (Navy -Korean War & Peacekeeping) and Dan Norgaard (Navy -Korean War & Peacekeeping) rode in restored Army vehicles and followed the Legion Colour Party of John Sorensen, Robert Rohrer, Dan Bucar and Kerry Williams).

DSC_0552Flanked by Robert Rohrer (President) and Dan Bucar (Secretary) are Branch 15 Veterans Cyril Holbrow, John Molnar, Andy Anderson and Dan Norgaard.  (See other article for the short biographies for the veterans).



Transport for veterans: two Iltis Military “Jeeps” and a WWII Canadian 40 Ton Dodge Command Vehicle (courtesy of Mark Ivins and Ron Baker). See below short video of start (courtesy of Danica Porta, City of Abbotsford).

Here are some photos for the Legion Veterans during and after the parade, followed by an edited video of the Parade Journey recorded from the passenger seat of the 40 Ton Command Vehicle:

2019 Canada Day Parade (10).Disc_Snapshot

2019 Canada Day Parade (14).Disc_Snapshot2019 Canada Day Parade (13).Disc_Snapshot


2019 Canada Day Parade (7).Disc_Snapshot2019 Canada Day Parade (8).Disc_Snapshot





















finally, here is an edited video of the parade seen from the passenger seat in the command vehicle: [sorry this video is not cooperating at the moment; I will try to fix the problem. It runs alright in all other software programs I have but not in the website program (WordPress)  – ed.]