Veterans and others from George Derby and Brock Fahrni visited the branch today for lunch.  This event usually happens a couple of times per year but, due to illnesses, this was the first visit for a few years.

A good number came and the branch seemed pretty full. It was good to see Peter Welford, former Branch 15 President (2002-2005) and Membership Chairman again. Peter is now in George Derby.

A great lunch was provided by Legion and Ladies Auxiliary Members Mary, Karen, Wendy Schmidt, Debbie Vintners and Jackie Vickery.  Other branch members assisting and spending time with the visitors were John Molnar, a Korean War Veteran like Peter Welford, Robert (also an ANAVETs member), Sheila Ann Slade and Peter William Slade.

The Branch 15 “choir” sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the guests and a vote of thanks was given to the members who prepared and served the tasty lunch.  Steve and Colette from George Derby presented Certificates of Appreciation to the Branch and the  Ladies Auxiliary which were accepted by John Molnar (on behalf of the branch) and Debbie Vintners, L.A. President.

See the following short videos and a few photographs.  First the choir:

“Happy Birthday” sung by The Branch 15 Choir”

Above video:  “Thank you” from George Derby and Brock Fahrni.  Below: Steve and Colette from George Derby presenting Certificates of Appreciation to Branch 15, accepted by John Molnar, and to the Branch 15 Ladies Auxiliary, accepted by Debbie Vintners (L.A. President). Click on the photos to enlarge them.

GDerby Cert to 15LA cr aubr 20190708_143807GDerby Cert to Br 15 cr aubr 20190708_143753




Peter Welford (former Branch 15 President and later Membership Chairman) with John Molnar and Peter William Slade.



Other photos from the visit:

2019 George Derby.Movie_SnapshotThe Birthday Boy
2019 George Derby (3).Movie_Snapshot

2019 George Derby (6).Movie_Snapshot

2019 George Derby (5).Movie_Snapshot