Abbotsford Soldiers from WW I

This section is about “overlooked” or “forgotten” Abbotsford Soldiers from WW 1, research being carried out by Peter-William Slade, Emeritus Professor from University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and former Vice President of the Abbotsford Legion.  A hardbound book has been completed and contains stories of the forgotten soldiers.  Please click the following link to see the cover of the book and then the second link to Peter’s website to see sample stories from the book on Peter’s website.          

Abbotsford’s Forgotten Soldiers from World War One by Peter William Slade then return to this page and click the next link to see some stories from the book.

Please click the link Abbotsford’s Forgotten Soldiers from WWI  to go to Peter’s website and see sample stories from the book and how to obtain a copy.


 Abbotsford Soldiers from WW 2

This section is about Abbotsford Soldiers from WW 2, courtesy of Dr. Molly Ungar, Associate Professor in History at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV).  Some editing has been done by Peter William Slade. Please click on  Abbotsford Poppy Album