February/March News

Starting Friday March 4, 2022 The Abbotsford Royal Canadian Legion will be holding a “Find the Two of Spades” draw. The first draw will start at $120.00 dollars each week the card is not found will raise the pot 50 dollars. This will be done each week until won.

Very pleased to let all members know we were very successful through our fundraising efforts. We raised $1,987.00 for new lighting and a new neon sign. The lights have gone up but we will need to get an electrician in to ensure they are installed correctly. 

On March 5 2022 we will have two young boys presenting a cheque to the Legion. These are amazing young men and I am so excited to be presenting them with a certificate of appreciation from our Legion.

Our first family FUN day only had three kids but they had a blast and I look forward to seeing these numbers increased. Cookies were made and eaten, songs were sung. Fun was had by all. 

A “Huge Thank you” to all our members. We could not move forward without you.

March 20 2022 is our General Meeting starting at 2pm.

Respectfully, Connie Feeney, Executive Ways and Means