Here are a number of short stories sent in by Sharon over the last couple of months

2020 03 14 WINNER OF BEER FRIDGE 2019 sent Jan 21

Lauren Albertson was a very happy girl when she discovered she had the lucky numbers for the raffle of a beer fridge at the Classic Rewind on December 14th.  The beer fridge was donated for a second year in a row by Canadian Tire and hopefully they will continue to make such valuable donations for our raffles.  During a discussion with Lauren the day she picked up the fridge I learned she regularly attends the karaoke at the branch and she has also participated with assistance for the Saturday meat draws. She did mention to me that she was the niece of Bob and Sharon Brady, our former zone commander, who passed away a couple of years ago.




Deb Howes demonstrates how to make animals out of ordinary balloons at the Abbotsford legion.  Just goes to show you we are a multi-talented group.2020 03 14 DEBBIE WITH HOT AIR sent Jan 15

John Howes and John Sorensen stand proudly displaying their sports jackets at the Abbotsford legion on a cool and rainy day.  They are b2020 03 14 JOHN HOWES & JOHN SORENSON sent Jan 15oth smiling so the weather obviously doesn’t get them down.

2020 03 14 STEVE DONATES TO ELFA sent Jan 152020 03 14 HARVEY & MARILYN sent Jan 15












(Left): Steve Williams won the mystery gift , an electric jar opener, just before Christmas and immediately donated it to Elfa our bartender who could really make good use of it.  What a great gesture on your part, Steve.

(Right): A Mexican meal is just not complete without a sombrero as shown here by Harvey Goodwin as he attempts to impress his wife Marilyn.  Nice touch!!  The Mexican meal is only one theme the ladies auxiliary do in the course of their lunch preparations.

2020 03 14 HARVEY FRAMED sent Jan 15

Harvey Goodwin is centred in the base of an electric grill that he won as the mystery prize at the Abbotsford legion in November 2019.  The mystery gifts are items donated by the members as a fundraiser for the branch.

All reports and photos submitted by Sharon Rathbone.