• John Molnar – Medal from Korean Government

    John Molnar during Canada Day Parade 2019

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    Long-time member of the branch, John Molnar, accompanied by branch Vice-President Kelly Watson, were invited by the Government of South Korea, to the city of Seoul, where John was awarded the Ambassador of Peace Medal. John served on the Royal Canadian Navy destroyer, HMCS Cayuga, which was sent in 1950 as part of an initial flotilla of three destroyers, to assist in pushing back the North Korean military who had invaded the South. A full report can be found in the report of Jessica Peters in the Abbotsford News edition of July 28. (See later).

    John returned as part of a peacekeeping mission in 1953, this time the Cayuga also had a seaman Dan Noorgard, another long term member off branch 15, and a good friend of John.

    To read the article from the Abbotsford News please click the following url.


  • Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medallion

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    On June 17 John Molnar WWII veteran and Kelly Watson Vice-President, both of branch 15 were awarded this medallion, along with forty four other persons from Abbotsford.  Ed Fast, MP for Abbotsford presented the medallions.  Please click on the following link to read the full report from the Abbotsford News:


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